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Cheats & glitches

1. Earn Money in the Space Gym-just click on an excersise item and

stay on it for about 5-7 seconds and you will get 2 cazmo coins each time.

2. Easy Money-go to every tree and 10 out of 63 trees will grow money! all you have to do is click on these certain trees and money will fall out and then click on the money and a cazmo cash sign will appear… keep clicking on the sign until it fades away and if you click on it 5 times you get about 5 coins and if you click on it 7 times you get about 7 coins and you get the point and its NOT cash it gives you… i know why do they put cash signs but i have NO idea.

3. Really easy Money-

Step 1. make as many tabs as you want… just not over three.

Step 2. with each tab log into the same acount each time.

Step 3. go into a game such as phrux goalie (go to that one because that one gets you the most coins) and with one tab play the game and you will get tripple the money!!!! cool eh!

4. Planet cazmo full screen- press F11 on your keyboard to see more of the game then soom until it perfectly fits in your screen

5. Explore planet cazmo faster- Buy and equip a skateboard to your cazmo to move around the landscape a lot faster.

6.To get money with out playing games, click on the various money trees located through out planet cazmo.

7. Ninja Skateboard game tip- Go really fast the whole time and keep pressing the a or z button and wait until it says bonus. If you do this right, you should have 36,000 points by the finish line.

8. Nubbing-Go to the neighborhood and go as far down as you can below the chat bar and you should be nubbing.

9 . STAND IN A TREE-To stand in a tree click in the middle of the tree and you should be in it.

10. You can basicly get on the roof of most buildings including the post office the skate shop and the town hall.

11. Stand in a bush- Go to the left side of a bush click it and u should be sitting on the bush. Does not always work.

12. Stand on the wall of the theater- To stand on the wall of the theater go to the back side of it and click on the wall and u should be on the wall. works most times.

13. STAND ON THE TOP OF YOUR HOUSE- To stand on the top of your house go behind it and then click it and you should be on top of your house.

15. NEW Nub – Go to the club and then with the skateboard go past the money tree and click the space that connects the club with the top of the screen.

16. TO GET UNDER THE TIME IN THR TOP RIGHT CORNER OF THE SCREEN-Go to the club then go up to the top then right and then click the space under the time.

17. STAND COMPLETELY INSIDE OF THE FENCED FLOWERS IN THE NEIBORHOOD- To do this go to top of it and click inside of it and you should be inside.

18. CHANGING YOUR CAZMO-When u make an account and go to the create a cazmo screen, copy the link at the top and then login. If you did not like the way you made your cazmo, just paste it at the top and you can make it better.

19. X Boardin tips-Heres a tip. Go really fast and hold down a or z then when it gives you the points quickly press it and hold it again. Keep doing this but watch out for occasional obstacles, and jump over them. Keep doing this and you should have more than 1enough points to win by the finish line. Hope this tip helps.

20. Phruxs Goalie Showdown tips Ok here are some tips. To score easily wait for the goalie to go to a certain side like the right or left, then stop the blue on the arrow at full power, and then aim it to the side the goalies not on.

21. Turn Part invisible and part green. To do this your computer has to be running fast and sometimes you will turn half invisible half green.

22. Double trade glitch-To do the glitch, Click on 2 player cards very fast. If they both say yes all 3 of you should be in one trade.

23. Walk through objects To walk through objects-go up to an object and click rapidly on the other side of it and you should be walking through it. NOTE only other cazmos can see you do this.

24. Make 4 or more Cazmos Yellow-To do this, Click first on one cazmo, hold down for a few seconds, and then drag it down. Keep doing this and you should have at least 3 cazmos yellow. Note: But make sure you don’t put your mouse back over a cazmo that you already made yellow. It does not always work so keep trying and you should get it.

25. How to be Bald in Mini Breakin-To be bald in mini breakin, wear a hat then click and play the game and you should be bald in Mini Breakin.

26. Chat with a cazmo privatly- To chat with a cazmo privatly, ask them to trade and if they say yes, start typing in the small chat bar in the trade.

27. Places to hide-The best place to hide, is behind the mall. You cant stand on the roof anymore, but you can not be seen. Another good place to hide is behind the theater. Another is behind the bodyshop. Finally, another good place is at your house. There are more, but i dont want to tell all of them.

28. Stay logged on to planet cazmo as long as you want-with out the log back in thing coming up To stay logged on to planet cazmo as long as you want without the log back in sign comming up, Somebody has to ask to be your friend while you are away from the computer before it has been 10 minutes.

29. Floatto float- wear the skate board and put your cursor/mouse over the skateboard for a few seconds, and you should be floating. NOTE This make take a few tries so dont give up Also if you move your mouse off of the skateboard, your not floating any more

30. Put the Ambassador symbol on your blogs sidebar

1. Go to write a new post

2. click upload an image and then upload it

3. Insert it into the post

4. Instead of visual, click html

5. Copy all of the code you see

6. Go to widgets

7. Insert a new text widget

8. Paste the code into it.

You will now have the ambassador symbol on your blogs sidebar.

31. Make the screen messed up-To make the screen messed up, go to the login page on the planet cazmo website. Then click FORGOT PASSWORD. Then click back. The screen will now be messed up.

32. Invisable Space Buggy in Cazmonaut-To have an invisable space buggy in the game cazmonaut, play the game and when the game starts, don’t do anything.

33. Nature Music-To make the music sound like nature, log on to planet cazmo, then turn the sound on your computer all the way down. You should then he nature music.

34. Space Race 5000 tip 1-If you want to take the lead, while riding, YOU NEED to collect the lightening bolt symbols. They will give you a speed boost, and that is THE ONLY way to keep up with the other racers.

35. Space Race 5000 tip 2-If you want to make a good amount of money, collect the cazmo coins while you race. As many of you know, it’s not very easy to make money in pc. You can play the race game for the purpose to make money and not to win.

36. Space Race 5000 tip 3-While riding, pikc up missles to fire them at other racers. It will help ALOT.

37. Mini breakin tip-Watch very closely what the cazmo dancer does. If you don’t watch closely, you won’y be able to do exactly what he did.

38. Mini breakin BEST TIP 2-Another tip is, after the first dance move, write down on a piece of paper the color of the move the dancer just did. This is a very helpful tip.

39. Make cazmo huge-To make cazmo really big, simpily adjust the zoom on your computer to something bigger. You can also make it smaller.

40. Make it so no one asks you to trade-To do this, click on the emotions or actions toolbar on the chatbar.

41. How to find out about things that are coming soon-To do this, talk to the many mods and developers that are on pc. Good mods and developers to ask are, Jeff, Bigdawg, and I think oeanna. Theres probably more. If there are just comment them.

42. Login in with 2 different cazmos-Login in as one cazmo, and then tab, and bring up planet cazmo. Then, just login as another cazmo.

43. Darkness in PC-When it gets late on planet cazmo, It will get dark just like in real life.

44. No Servers glitch-Go to the login page, and click Forgot Password. Then, right click with your cursor and click play.

45. Stand on top of a cazmo-Move you cursor/mouse on a cazmo, and then press tab and click on them.

46. Stand on top of the yellow thing that supports the swing-Just click on the top of it to stand on it.

47. Stand on top of the metal bar on top of the swings-To do this, go to the playground, and click the metal bar on the top of the swings. You should be on the metal bar. You can also stand on the little yellow roof.

48. Sit on the wall at the playground-There are someplaces on the wall, where you can click and sit on the wall.

49. Stand on the wall at the playground-Where you can’t sit on the wall, you can click on it and stand on the wall. You can also walk over it to the otherside.

50. Talk while reading the newspaper-To so this, click on the newspaper and start reading. When you want to say something in the chatbar, press tab until a green square goes around the chatbar. Then click it, and start typing. Then click enter.

51. Money Cheat 4-To do this, you must go to the basketball court and shoot 1 hoop, then leave the room and come back, each time you do this you get an extra 2 coinz per goal, I did it so much i got over 50 coinz per goal and in total i got over 19,000cazmo coinz. Pretty Flabbergasting eh?

52. Go to strip without a car!-To do this, you need to have a friend with a car and then tell them to go, and then when they’re there you press ‘find’ on the buddy list and yes ‘Ok’ and you will appear riding in the strip, without a car!!!


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